Quality Control

Our quality control and reputation for expertise is second to none.

At LANZ, we ensure that all products supplied are representative of the quality linked to our brand, that they are safe and compliant with all regulatory requirements of China and that the published product lifetime and performance specifications can be relied upon at all times.

LANZ has received numerous reputations for the outstanding products, innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies. We have established a strict quality control management system with CE, ROHS, TÜV and UL certified for products. Our testing procedure incorporates low temperature screening, color separation, aging, light angle, luminous intensity, luminous flux, light detection of color decay, color coordinate, wavelength. LANZ’s products undergo extensive safety and performance testing that in most cases exceed industry standards, to ensure that the products are provided according to the requirements, including product name, model specifications, size, color, logo, technical requirements, quantity, packaging label and transportation.

Comprehensive quality assurance program and our range of technologies services are expertly delivered.


LANZ lighting consultants have extensive specialist knowledge and practical experience, will be pleased to support you on lighting design and lighting technology.

We also can support solutions on lighting effects and energy savings through efficient lighting technology for projects.